Tron Legacy- An Imperfect System

Tron legacy was a follow-up from the 1980’s not so hi-tech version of “Tron” . The luminous suits and breath-taking sleek visual effects always grab my excitement, so does the theme based around building the “perfect system”. Has there ever been a time in your life, you made a divine plan of action, a goal,Continue reading “Tron Legacy- An Imperfect System”

Journey of 3 Worlds (The Re-take)

Professor Yeni is a senior specialist In Brain Trauma and Brain neurological functioning for military service members. Professor is counselling LT Harvey realising that his encounters are supernatural and rare. In a classified medical Facility, Professor Yeni guides LT though his journey as she realises there is more to his abilities that would interest theContinue reading “Journey of 3 Worlds (The Re-take)”


Performed by Talented Actor Charlie Powell. Marine LT Harvey is giving his account of supernatural events he encountered whilst deployed. He has been diagnosed with a rare and undiscovered disorder PTTD. (Post Traumatic Time Travel Disorder) Past , present and predestination. Unknown to LT Harvey, he has been assigned on a mission to lead aContinue reading “JOURNEY OF THREE WORLDS (ORIGINAL)”