Journey of 3 Worlds (The Re-take)

Professor Yeni is a senior specialist In Brain Trauma and Brain neurological functioning for military service members. Professor is counselling LT Harvey realising that his encounters are supernatural and rare. In a classified medical Facility, Professor Yeni guides LT though his journey as she realises there is more to his abilities that would interest the wrong side of government. LT. Harvey has a mission in predestination where he will be raised from the dead to preserve a movement and save nations from doom sleep. LT Harvey will fight against an army of Robo ops bots. This is the same story as the original, told differently with new elements.



Performed by Talented Actor Charlie Powell.

Marine LT Harvey is giving his account of supernatural events he encountered whilst deployed. He has been diagnosed with a rare and undiscovered disorder PTTD. (Post Traumatic Time Travel Disorder) Past , present and predestination. Unknown to LT Harvey, he has been assigned on a mission to lead a movement (Operation Sunrise) to rescue people from doom sleep. The film contain segments of my other films which I merged together to create a journey of travelling between them.

Broken Seal

It is no longer rare for military service members to run into conflict with leadership when they speak the truth. A harrowing drama concerning a Navy Seals encounter with numerous foes he is seeking to eliminate to protect his country. Everything you hear is real events. There were no actors, and recording took place as the events unfolded. T he biggest mistake they made was trying to break him, instead, the raised a sleeping giant. If you were a fan of the series “24” or “West Wing” then this is for you.

In progress.