Trials of Volkore-Freedom in Temple Sanctum

Sanctum_Star_V1 (1)

Genre:  Faith, Apocalyptic, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Log line:

The group “Horizons return” discover a hissing foe in a Volcanic plague filled Spirit Temple.  A new earth will appear if it’s inhabitants follow the signs to freedom from doom sleep .


The previous Hallow Street group have reformed with a new name, “Horizons Return”. They are based in various cities throughout Vancouver. Amos has a series of repetitive dreams about a darkened sun. His drawing raises Terrell’s curiosity. The group are lead on a camping trip to Mount Baker. After a brief mountain climb Amerie discovers a frozen force field which appears as a large circular door of ice...

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Trials of Subtermina

Temple_Doom 02_hi-res


GENRE: Experimental, Spiritual, Mystery & Apocalyptic


Hallow Street & a group of children battle in 3 dark Spirit Temples in a hidden dimension of the subconscious. They have 7 days to win, or earth and its inhabitants are doomed to an eternal phantom zone of suffering.


In the Suburban part of Vancouver there is Hallow Street, a vibrant close knit community.Nathan, an archaeologist discovers a statue box called Volkore in a neighbor’s back garden that ends up killing him. This also causes nightmares to the residents of Hallow Street. It is linked to a mysterious statue in Subtermina called the Inukshuk Stone Statue.

Inuit Inukshuk stone statue Whistler mountain resort venue of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games

The Hallow Street residents alongside a group of 7 Children will encounter 3 Spirit Temples and they only have 7 days to complete...

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Reparation & The Returning Soldier

Jim Daughtery


It’s time to focus on the Hero’s of war, the ones we forget about when struck down in combat. Wounds are a compulsory part of a Soldiers enduring spirit in war. There will be Psychological or physical wounds. There will also be Emotional or Spiritual scars not seen from the outside. Once these Soldiers return home from battle, another type of war is about to begin. The time to re-attach to normality is invaded by waves and premonitions of running towards your tank when in reality you car alarm had just gone off outside. Frozen as you drift from one world to the next. Moments pass and people notice your absence without leave. A flashback, an explosion. Three seconds pass and an engraved pattern on your stair rail is reminding you of the same pattern on your V 22 Osprey...

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Depression in Creative Industries


Whether you work in Teams or Solo sometimes we get “so low” that before attempting to ask for help, the thought of suicide came uninvited. An imposter, an enemy who comes to Kill Steal & Destroy. If we knew a burglar was coming and saw him for the jerk he was, we would take preventative measures. Not easy when it involves Chemical imbalance. Not reasonable when you can only manage 2 hours of sleep a night. Not fair if you care for someone you adore who has disabilities. Not right if your marriage just ended, lost a home etc. Life is brutal & the trials and weight we carry become such a yoke. Yokes are designed to help you carry MORE WEIGHT on your back. For many of us the burden isn’t light at all. Someone once assured us his burden was light...

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Music Business

Recoupable Monies

Who can we trust in the music business?

In History we have seen longstanding and overwhelming evidence of a “system” that cannot be trusted. Music Business is the same. A huge platform for millions where it is a hostile environment for betrayal, greed, self-seeking, self glorifying and temporary highs. We’ve seen impeccably talented stars die suddenly, with repetitive and predictable patterns of events. All these people at one time or another in their lives, needed a source of hope, someone they could trust. Not a drug cartel selling them a fix when they needed but divine inspirational Hope. The world of entertainment NEVER prepares you for failing in the public eyes with paparazzi publicizing a damaging page on your recent failures...

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Tron Legacy- An Imperfect System


Tron legacy was a followup from the 1980’s not so hi-tech version of “Tron” . The luminous suits and breathtaking sleek visual effects always grab my excitement, so does the theme based around building the “perfect system”.

Has there ever been a time in your life, you made a divine plan of action, a goal, a path to destiny to only be faced with an obstacle like “Clu” waiting at the portal at your doorway to freedom?


I can boast of the same issues. A pothole in the road of life can bring a breakdown along your journey but its how we handle the crash that really matters. We live in a world from the beginning of creation that’s turned bad.  We have advanced in technology but regressed in Integrity. We have caused irreversible damage in history...

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No women allowed?


Mixing timeline

I wanted to bring a subject to light that is becoming more of an issue in the Music Industry Its the general intolerance of Female Music producers especially in film music Firstly I do want to stress that there are many female successful recording Artists. Unfortunately a large majority of them are being puppets to sexualisation. I have wondered if things like this make it very difficult for women to be taken seriously behind the music scenes.  I wanted to make it known. Just as rare as there are Female Film Directors its just the same in Film Music Score. Its almost unheard of but It could be down to lack of interest or women being too afraid to come forward. My experience in this area however has been difficult in the past...

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Hans Zimmer & Music for Inception


The Edith Piaf Track was used solely to create the Film Soundtrack for inception. According to the New York Times, all the music is a score using subdivisions and multiplications of the tempo. Its an incredible use and extension of a song used throughout the film.

When I first saw Inception I was confused for the first half to say the least. I became engrossed in the “use” of sound effects The incredibly simple but unusual distortion, cues and effects used throughout the Inception Film gave it depth, intensity, suspense and ambiance. I love how this always ends up in sync with the clock. The thing with dreams is that you are reminded that the group are in one as soon as the sound and tempo/pitch changes. There’s such an unnatural bass and crisp sounds when the glass breaks...

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