Defending Mistretta

Matthew Mistretta is a highly skilled former firefighter, Paramilitary marine veteran and Cop from Michigan. Mathew had a very successful career until one night, Officer apprehended a murderer whilst dealing with another felon without back up. Officer Mistretta was gaslighted maliciously by the media and state governors by being called ” a murderer himself for using restraint”. So it’s become the norm that any type of lawful restraint for resisting arrest by highly dangerous criminals isn’t allowed. Taking into consideration at that time, a criminals potential to bite, spit or headbutt Officer Mistretta. He will have been at risk even whilst the murderer was in handcuffs. The felon still had ample energy to roll around on his back and kick with both feet. Now this is a big no if there had been pandemic restrictions in place. The most insulting outcome of a twisted justice system is that the murderer who the officer apprehended is “free on bond” to harass and taunt the family of the deceased son they adored. His names was Jesus Delora. Evil is glorified, encouraged and celebrated in the headlines all for the sadistic glory of Anti Police rhetoric. Officer Mistretta has so far won 2 of 3 motions, has found a new specialist lawyer, on condition of fees to start the case .

No person, regardless of race deserves a free pass to commit more crimes than a person of another race who wouldn’t get away with the same. No Officer should ever be charged with the same crime a killer committed when the officer never did the same. Police reform is not what it sounds to be.

Fight back


Mistretta is not new to war, hostile environments or dealing with mercenaries. Unfortunately in the political arena is filled with these and particular groups bring in alot of money and every other evil under the sun. Officer Mistretta is a man of his word when it comes to fighting battles and he does not back down, from coercion, blackmail, smear campaigns or intimidation. After numerous court dates being put back, it makes you wonder why the prosecution is so afraid. They have good reason to be. Since 2020 there has been the largest mass exodus of law enforcement in US History either in resignations or retirement. This is continuing to increase because of police reform.

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