Genre:  Faith, Apocalyptic, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Log line:

The group “Horizons return” discover a hissing foe in a Volcanic plague filled Spirit Temple.  Operation Sunrise is a military movement saving people from the beast of doom sleep.


The previous Hallow Street group have reformed with a new name, “Horizons Return”. They are based in various cities throughout Vancouver. Amos has a series of repetitive dreams about a darkened sun. His drawing raises Terrell’s curiosity. The group are lead on a camping trip to Mount Baker. After a brief mountain climb Amerie discovers a frozen force field which appears as a large circular door of ice. Jehune touches it then suddenly collapses into sleep for seven minutes but is broken out of doom sleep and warns her freinds of her  horrific experience. Jehune discovers different types of plagues escaping the temples portal alongside every treasure, precious jewel & stone.  There is a powerful magnetic force emitting from the smoke of Mount baker drawing people to the treasure inside the temple. The desperation, rage & greed for the treasure is causing chaos and anger in the city as people long to enter in Volkore Temple to possess the treasure. The US government build a Temple through Mount baker to reach Spirit Temple Volkore. Those actions come with an eternal death sentence.

In the center of the temple there is a reptilian beast called Sceptillis which has a terrible deafening snake hiss. Sceptillis gives demonic influence to the earth called rebellions force. The biggest battle is making sure they pass the time tests inside the temple-to wake up again. There is a shimmering Temple on the new earth but only the building is visible to those who choose to look for it in their sleep. When Temple Sanctum is found and people drink of its live water fountain, they can be woken up again.

In a series of dreams that start spreading like a virus around the world, the members in Temple Sanctum & Horizon’s return Military group run an a covert operation and signs to the people on earth to try and save them from earth’s death sentence. Not everyone is willing to believe those signs. Sceptllis turns to self-destruct mode and uses its limited time to try and bring Temple Sanctum down with the earth & consume it with its plagues.

Horizons return try to deter people from entering the portal in the mountain to take the treasure and fall in to eternal doom sleep.  Anyone who dies resisting the control of sceptillis ends up in divine sleep on the 4th dimension called Sanctums Forest of Dreams. The forest has two elements to it. It also becomes a leak in the physical dimension for people weary of bad dreams & nightmares to go for rest.

The new earth is revealed in full and all memories of people’s bad dreams, evil sorrow, death & suffering disappear. The darkness that people used to know is gone forever. The sky lights up and the Horizon in the distance returns over the new earth. Temple Sanctum materializes out of spirit world into the physical realm. The Temple’s glory remains thought the ages and the water that runs through it.