The Hallow Street residents alongside a group of 7 Children will encounter 3 Spirit Temples and they only have 7 days to complete them. If the group from Hallow Street fail the time limit on all temple battles, Subtermina will leak through the portal into the physical world creating a vacuum morphing into an eternal phantom zone of hell. Bethseda and Jezeram Fables cause havoc using witchcraft against Pastor Derek. Darkness targets the community Church & has a ripple effect around different parts of the world and particular people. The group of children who battle through the temple are 9 year Old Sandy and Matthew. 10 year old Lisa. 8 year old Louise. 7 year old Phillip and Jason.9 year old Amos plays the lead character with high functioning Autism, he has a remarkable way of seeing things and brings intrigue to a dark atmosphere. Amos’s unique brain function enables him to find solutions to some Spirit Temple Puzzles that others cannot break.


Jehune, a rejected teen mom becomes a girl who feels worthless into someone with purpose. She plays a special role in the future of these kids including her own son Joel

In the 3 Spirit temples (Doom, Decision & Salvation) the Group endure fights with evil spirits, demons, skeletons, beasts and undead foes. In each temple they have to deal with the most terrifying beast. His name is claws. Claws has a foul smell and torments his victims by scraping the floor continuously before attacking them. In Temple Decision there are enemies that leave behind weapons when defeated. Pastor Derek finds a magical staff of divine power and the group residents fight a relentless wind spirit. In Spirit Temple Doom, the group face a battle with a number of horses, one is a red called Venom, another is black called deception and the pale cream horse is called fear. These horses play tricks with the group’s minds and emotions and cause temporary sickness. In temple Salvation, the group residents contend with Jezeram as a spirit being. A battle with wood eating poisonous worms 3ft long. There are living trees of a possessed type with roots and branches that whip, strangle and re-spawn when cut. There is a final battle with the beast Claws and Bethseda. Pastor Derek chooses a sacrifice saving the group and the future of earth.


This Film would interest audiences who like horror, thriller and Apocalyptic themed & faith based films. There are very contrasting dark and light elements throughout. Below is an audio trailer, although this isn’t in the script, A   performs this Voice Over as an outsider looking in to the dream that the residents on Hallow Street experience. Feelings of a dream experience is described in a powerful way. Trials of Subtermina is Copyrighted by my own UK label (buchanproductions) and by the writers Guild of America

Below the screenplay excerpt are performed by incredible Talents of Actor Curtis Mcgann and Actress Katherine Black