How long until the burnt grass regrows after the fire ripped through the village? How long did the destination take to reach when the workers assembled together to rebuild what was broken? Many years passed but the goal was fulfilled.

Sometimes TIME runs against what we are hoping for. It is either our time or divine time. I remember the battle Frodo fought in the Lord of the Rings-the ongoing painful wretched journey of despair that ended with HOPE. Before that though can come the wrestling, the entering into enemy territory and fighting time as well as the battles. The battles are not just outside in the world and within ourselves but deeper places. In the fellowship of the Ring Boromir spoke out some heartfelt words, of pain, loss and HOPE. He spoke of being encouraged with hope even though he couldn’t see it.


I was also reminded again of HOPE when I came across “WHY” , an alternative Rock band from Canada. Brian Cook, the Lead Singer has incredible vocal talent who has been compared to the late “Freddy Mercury” and Bono from “U2” . Each one of the Band members have incredible musical talent and tenacity. A wonderful song performed by the band called “Weep” has a deep essence of HOPE. We may not know the personal struggles of bands behind the scenes but what is evident is that their message displays a deep longing and yearning for a breakthrough in an seemingly impossible situation. Something that we all secretly yearn for but find it difficult to see. When its been going on for too long, when the pain is too deep, when the repair needs too much attention and when our energies sit below freezing point. HOPE is found in the most least expected places and times, from the most unlikeliest of situations. If I suffered 15 years of wear and tear it would all  seem meaningless once I encountered a future longing. If you want to hear more about HOPE visit the band, you may very well stumble upon something remarkable and “crash into a future”. That’s for another of their songs at another time.


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