The time to re-attach to normality is invaded by waves and premonitions of running towards your tank when in reality you car alarm had just gone off outside. Frozen as you drift from one world to the next. Moments pass and people notice your absence without leave. A flashback, an explosion. Three seconds pass and an engraved pattern on your stair rail is reminding you of the same pattern on your V 22 Osprey. You hold on, you pull the trigger, its stiff, it’s a round piece of wood carving. You have you finger grappled around an ornament. You are at home, but your mind is on the battlefield.
It is one thing to be combat ready, it’s quite another to be combat broken in such a way that you psyche is shattered. That deep place where the Devine reach needs to gracefully carry the memories so you can live with them in a way that can’t naturally be understood. The best thing about being shattered glass is learning that rescued people can *rescue other people*. Welcome to the Life of a Returning Soldier

According to the 2015 Newport Beach Film Festival, this Film “Reparation” speaks to those serving in the armed forces. It is powerful, moving and very true to life & sufferings of a wounded soldier.

The Film was based on a stage play in the 1990’s. It has a powerful message for those serving in the armed forces particularly those suffering from (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Prolonged stress & trauma causes serious issues for a Soldier. Marc Menchaca plays a farmer (Bob Stevens) who has a 3-year gap in his memory caused by a traumatic event when he served in the Air forces. Charlotte (Bobs daughter) begins sketching the lost memories of her father. He asks her about her visions as it aids his lost memories.


An unwelcome menace appears from Bobs past & starts wreaking havoc in his family life as well as his mind

John Huertas as the stranger from Bobs past (Jerome Keller )



This is the time the torment in the mind begins, the shakes, the paranoia and insomnia kick in. You misinterpret everyday sounds as battleground sounds. Strained eyes from not being able to blink as you spend so much time watching reality warp into the last tragedy you saw before the mine exploded. You agonise emotionally, but you can’t share classified information. This makes the unspoken cry even worse. You need drugs, anything to numb the pain and help you sleep. Going outside feels strange-car engines resonate like the starting of a Tank. Everyday people awaken suspicion, trouble makers are the ultimate threat. A simple walk down the street has turned into surveillance operation. Who can you trust? Now a squatter has set up camp in your mind, it’s time for some intervention. It’s time to ask for help. It’s time to confront the enemy.

Bob confronts Jerome



Taking on the darkness of a troubled and unspeakable past is never an easy task but running is even worse. Running prolongs the suffering, it does not aid it. What we choose not to confront in life will haunt us later.


PTSD is a critical enemy of those serving in the Armed forces something that pills & questionnaires cannot solve. It needs specialist intervention. A special remedy, spiritual as well as medicinal & practical. Dear Soldier are you ready to take on the enemy? We are afflicted in every way but not crushed, perplexed but not despairing persecuted but not forsaken, struck down but not destroyed 2 Corinth 4:8-9

Don’t suffer in silence power & courage lies in getting and keeping your head above water. Your Health & well being is precious. Don’t let PTSD have the last word. Choose life on the front lines of suffering not in the silence of pride and despair

Autism treatment helps Veterans with PTSD


Jim Dougherty (above) SAG-AFTRA , Actor, Film Fight Performer and Film Director   ( ) features a supporting role in Reparation alongside some incredible talented and gifted cast members.

A huge Shout out to all the cast members & Producers of Reparation who have made this film a potential huge hit. This not only resonates with those with mental health issues but also those heroes who serve & suffer to keep our world safe.




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