Whether you work in Teams or Solo sometimes we get “so low” that before attempting to ask for help, the thought of suicide came uninvited. An imposter, an enemy who comes to Kill Steal & Destroy. If we knew a burglar was coming and saw him for the jerk he was, we would take preventative measures. Not easy when it involves Chemical imbalance. Not reasonable when you can only manage 2 hours of sleep a night. Not fair if you care for someone you adore who has disabilities. Not right if your marriage just ended, lost a home etc. Life is brutal & the trials and weight we carry become such a yoke. Yokes are designed to help you carry MORE WEIGHT on your back. For many of us the burden isn’t light at all. Someone once assured us his burden was light. Do you know him? Depression gets dark & deep, its torment is perpetuating with heaviness in your mind and your soul. It wearies for the strain of it all. Balrog, a demonic creature from the Lord of the Rings is a prime example of overwhelming darkness but sometimes we have to draw a line with our staff whatever that symbolizes for you and shout “YOU SHALL NOT PASS”. If depression takes you down with it you have the Free will to call for help, a Savior, someone you trust and FIGHT it! Gandalf did just the same, he went down with the beast but the battle didn’t end there! Great things can come out of dark places but do you believe it?



You take whatever measure necessary to fight that darkness of a prognosis the doctor has given you. Your Health is too valuable and precious to ignore the debilitating symptoms. By Speaking HOPE into your life in words & action (whatever it means for you) Counselling, confiding in a friend, medication, therapy, spiritual guidance or even forming/getting a network of support. Change of diet. The list is endless. I think keeping depression locked up & suffering in silence is what a match is to dynamite. Sometimes though we must pass through this course of life -when all else fails look to hope.

Hollywood doesn’t always give the “true reality” of life-it gives “make believe” does it help? Perfect marriage, perfect job, perfect car. Trust me many celebrities have died living the dream and the darkness that comes with it. Is it enough?  Can Showbiz prepare us to face depression when it hits? Actors, Film Directors, Scriptwriters and many more have exceptional talent and creativity. These gifted Entertainment professionals can often go undervalued & underappreciated. Know your worth!  Malicious & undeserved criticism of many stars by the media can perpetuate depression alongside the hypocrisy of people joining in the slander. I’m speaking of Robin Williams precious daughter. Somethings can be shaken off but this battle has to be fought. Know your worth at all times.

“Robin Williams was one of many comedians who made people laugh while simultaneously struggling with a personal darkness. Are comics more prone to depression? If so why? – Ian Youngs BBC Arts Reporter.

The Link between Comedy & Depression

Success & the high standards that we set ourselves can mean any defeating situation seems hopeless – Entertainment has a chauvinist side that any sign of admitting depression is weakness. No I disagree wholeheartedly. Chauvinism is a Phony road to destruction. Admission to feeling hopeless means you are a Hero! HOPE deferred makes the heart sick but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life -Proverbs 13:12. Encouragement at the right time could save someones life. This goes for celebrities too! I can’t underestimate the importance for associating with good company when you are vulnerable. “I can’t do this anymore” yes SAY IT. Open up about it but please do NOT keep saying this in silence. In Lord of the Rings in “The Twin Towers Scene” What if Frodo kept his thoughts to himself? Sams encouragement ultimately saved Frodo’s life. That’s what loyalty and true friendship can bring in your life. Will you recognize it? Will you tell the Life guard to leave when he came to save you before an unknown tidal wave sunk you beneath the depths of the sea? Sometimes we don’t know at the time-what companion was “meant” at the time in our lives. Just before “only your hand” is visible in dark waters-grab onto who is there.


Have you ever heard of the “Strongman”? Yes sure in competitions but I mean the one we wrestle with, the unseen enemy. Some battles must never be fought on your own. In Fact no one can enter the strong man’s house without first tying him up, and then he will plunder his house. Mark 3:27. Are you the strong man or is the strong man depression? Will it tie you up or will you kick its rawhide? We see examples of what happens in the film “Inception” when the mind gets invaded, well it would be an interesting concept if we looked at depression, took it by the throat and strangled it. Its like giving depression no more air. Its not as simple but its a great way to start. So I say to you reading this. Be Strong & courageous. Ask for help, remember that your LIFE has VALUE and PURPOSE. because someone knows the plans he has for you if you loose yours, you will again find a future and a HOPE. Depression is nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes a thorn in the flesh is the very thing that brings about a Miracle. If you see an orange being squeezed and see the juice come out so can happen with the trauma of life. Gold is purified in Fire. Sometimes we are gifted with creativity for a reason, that very gift can be your gift for a miracle in your life if you can only see it. This is as much to myself as anyone. If you crash, My prayer is that the darkness of depression & despair be taken away and you are rehabilitated on a path to recovery. Relapse is fine but Fighting it is a much better option. Don’t ignore the warning signs of what your body/mind is telling you. I wish it was always that easy but a deadly perspective can ruin everything. So can a degenerating mind that you have no control over. Robin was an expressive man in abundance. The news of Lewy Body dementia destroyed any hope he had of continuing to expressing himself normally on screen, theater & connecting with people with his humor. That was what he believed in. It was his purpose. It was terrible to learn of Robin’s debilitating diagnosis and sometimes a bad report can tip someone over the edge. Sometimes it is too much. It is fatal to remain silent sometimes rather than speak the fear you face. Robin was highly intelligent and often analysed himself maybe believing he would have transformed from a person everyone knew & loved to being unrecognizable. The fear of letting his fans down would have been too much to bear & quite frankly too frightening. What if suicide wasn’t an option IF we attempted to grab every last bit of hope. Doctors don’t always have the final say. We can determine how we go out in a battle. There are those that need to see the ending of your story.


The LIFE of Robin Williams was the gift of Joy and Laughter that he gave to others.

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