Tron legacy was a followup from the 1980’s not so hi-tech version of “Tron” . The luminous suits and breathtaking sleek visual effects always grab my excitement, so does the theme based around building the “perfect system”.

Has there ever been a time in your life, you made a divine plan of action, a goal, a path to destiny to only be faced with an obstacle like “Clu” waiting at the portal at your doorway to freedom? I can boast of the same issues. A pothole in the road of life can bring a breakdown along your journey but it’s how we handle the crash that really matters. We live in a world from the beginning of creation that’s turned bad.  We have advanced in technology but regressed in Integrity. We have have caused irreversible damage in history. In the digital realm of tron legacy Clu was replicated to create the “perfect system” in his opening speech to his followers. Clu believed a lie, he was corrupted but he had no ability to perceive it.

Perfectionism as a character trait is common and an amazing and admirable quality UNTIL its limits are lost. That person becomes entrenched, obsessed at striving to be the best. When the best gets better we go back to the beginning of the cycle of striving. Before we know it, we self-destruct, procrastinate and open a door for all kinds of competing flaws along with selfish and evil intent. Time goes by and now you’ve turned into a monster. Why? because it may be your ideology that others must live up to your impeccable standards. When they don’t  you destroy them without seeing the plank in your own eye, you tell someone else to take out theirs. Along comes another friend Hypocrisy. Now hypocrisy stands there and tells everyone the world has been corrupted by everyone else except “hypocrisy”.

Towards the end of the film, there is an interesting dialogue between Clu and his creator. Judgement has come, someone has to account for what has taken place. In the film is the following dialogue:


There’s the punchline. The perfect system does not exist. It cannot because we are not. We can create ideal solutions at the time only for them to be superseded by someone else. How do you handle that? How do you handle when life sucks, when the sun goes down because we expected things to go a certain way but it went the complete opposite? How will YOU respond to a utterly infected, diseased and corrupt system? You know it’s the worlds system right? The answers we seek, we’ll never find them in the government, politicians or the next scientist breakthrough cure.  We have watched history repeat itself and seen a glimpse of this words future. We have hope if we look in the right place but we kid ourselves in believing things can only get better without divine intervention at some point. Systems are made, creation may erupt with a bang but that bang needs intelligence to create a blade of grass and replicate. It needs intelligence to form the solar system and the perfect percentage of atmospheric gas for us to breath and exhale the right quantities. Space is too complex to have evolved with planets aligned to ensure our survival.  We destroyed what was given to us and like the Film, someone with hope will come, a way out but not without a huge battle for your life.

I have myself witnessed people I knew who utterly destroyed their careers, ministries, their own lives and others close to them by their striving to perfection. The procrastination on taking risks turns to inaction. Then along comes passive mode, When NOTHING gets done as since you know it won’t be perfect. Now you may as well wait until the right time. So when is that exactly? When it’s perfect? Take a deep look inside yourself and make sure you live your life in FREEDOM from these destructive and miserable desires . Untamed is our human nature. Don’t strive for perfection when we have a creator that’s already taken care of that in the future, for our future.  “What we do in this life echoes in eternity” – Gladiator.
There is great POWER in surrender when a father sacrifices his life for another’s freedom


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