When I first saw this film I was confused for the first half to say the least, but I became engrossed in the “use” of sound effects. The Inception soundtrack was created entirely using subdivisions and multiplications of the Edith Piaf Track. Zimmer retrieved the original score form the french National Archives “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien”.

The Incredibly simple but unusual distortion, cues and effects used throughout the Inception Film gave the film some great intensity, suspense and ambiance. I love how this always ends up in sync with the clock. Time being a huge factor in the film, relating to present, conscious and subconscious. Different tempo’s reflect the different dream stages and this was done incredibly well. Listening to this film with your eyes closed is also intriguing.

The thing with dreams is that cues are given to the listeners to remind them that the group are in “dream state” because of the sound and tempo/pitch changes.There’s such an unnatural bass and crisp sounds when the glass breaks. The cues really impacted the quality of the sound for the film already. Just when you get used to an intense scenes, it is time for someone to wake up from their subconscious to help someone else get out of theirs! The use of the blaring brass section as the Piaf song is slowed down after that cues the dreamers to wake up really brings impact. The piaf song played at regular speed is a warning for the dreamers to wake up.


Hans Zimmer unlocks the secret to Inception Score

News paper Extracts on inception

The contrasts in both songs are amazing but its the use of time stretching with the orchestra that makes it sound so exceptional. Hans Zimmer did win best Original Music Score for this. Inception won golden globes, best cinematography, sound mixing and editing. Notice how great sound effects and state of the art technology for production greatly impacts the quality of the film

My Conclusion

The moral of the story, well really no one wants their thoughts willfully infested unless you’re Marilyn Manson!. It does tell us a powerful message on how information is processed by the brain and how we are affected by what we have seen. Having control while the brain is in subliminal mode, repressed and concealed. It is interesting perspective of things that are used and abused to control someone else. It’s such a violation of free will. Spiritual laws certainly exist just as the physical ones.  With such an ingenious film Id prefer not to surrender my mind to the wrong sources. The consequences of that would be a train wreck in my life. I’d rather focus on what would do me good.

As for the app. I am more intrigued by the soundscape and how it could be re-developed to be used for people with sensory difficulties. An example would be someone with Autism using a musical app with time-stretched music to slow down when he is panicking, to remind him of the warm radiant sun before he has a meltdown. Sound design , after all is a therapy in itself. Used in unique ways to enable those with disabilities who struggle to respond, to respond in their own creative ways. That sounds like another excuse for a blog on the subject of sound design. Don’t fall asleep on me now.


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